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Frequently Asked Questions

How does FlipRide work?

FlipRide makes it easy to sell your car. No more posting ads, going through dozens of

messages from window shoppers. We bring qualified buyers to you! Simply share

with us a few details about you and your car, and FlipRide will find the best deals.

Interested parties will reach out with quality offers.

Does FlipRide charge fees?

No, we do not charge you a thing! The automotive market is hot and sellers hold the

cards. Therefore, the potential buyers are willing to pay a small fee for the opportunity

to have access to quality preowned vehicles.

Where are you located?

We are based in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Can I talk to someone before submitting my information?

Yes! Just send us a message and we´ll reach out to you.

Do I have to accept the offers sent to me?

You are not committed to accepting offers from interested car buyers provided via


Does FlipRide manage the financial transaction?

FlipRide does not handle any financial transactions. The buying and selling of the car

is done between you and the buyer.

What if I don´t know my car´s value?

While FlipRide does not provide valuations on vehicles, you can always refer to Kelley

Blue Book to get an estimate of your car’s value.

Do you work with car dealerships?

Car dealerships are part of the FlipRide Car Buyer Network.

See How FlipRide Can Get You The Best Price On Your Car